For the first time the club is in the second division for the first time it is not in the Bundesliga.

However, he also Italian origins – both by father and mother’s side – and took a double passport. And already for a year he had not disdained the idea of ​​being able to wear the national team, will reaffirmed when the blue team has put eyes on him. Di Biagio, given also the good performance of the defender and his assurances on the desire to blue, thus had decided to call him.

Last night, however, when the Under group met in Rome, Luiz Felipe showed a mood, linked to dual nationality, which would not allow him to participate with confidence for the next races of bluish. “I decided to compete for the jersey of the national team,” said the defender. Not exactly the perfect timing. Di Biagio has taken note and has erased his name from the list.

Alex Frosio

January 7, 2019 – Milan The adventure was officially opened at 15:30 this afternoon at Milanello, when Lucas Paqueta has taken the field together with the new companions of Milan in the first training session of 2019. In mid-December the Brazilian midfielder had already arrived from Flamengo как получить бонусы 1xbet казино breathed the air of the Rossoneri’s sports center, a little taste waiting officialdom; now AC Milan has become his new home. Tennis, Basketball, tattoos and …

Mary’s who is Lucas Paqueta! at work – Paqueta has been training under Ivan Gazidis eyes, a.d. AC Milan, the theoretical value Leonardo and strategic director Paolo Maldini. “I’m here to help Milan return to the road of victory and win big titles with the aim to always evoke joy to all of you,” he said the 21 year old in a video posted on Twitter by the Rossoneri. Paqueta, who will wear jersey number 39 ( “I wondered why he was the one worn in the first season at Flamengo”), will be on Gattuso already available for the second round of the Italian Cup in Genoa against Sampdoria on January 12 then he will fly to Jeddah for the Super Cup of 16 against Juventus. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Marco Fallisi

December 13, 2018 – The Milan players dell’Amburgo. AFP A different Christmas, sad, waiting for the next. In Hamburg fans they are living in a particular way festivities. For the first time the club is in the second division for the first time it is not in the Bundesliga.

With the team that is first in the standings, the season is experienced as in purgatory, waiting to return to paradise, a natural habitat dell’Amburgo. To help younger fans to distraction while waiting (including Christmas), the club has decided to create an advent calendar. Every day a small window to open. Problem: in dozens of cases, the calendar was printed wrong and, inside, there are vouchers for shops Werder Bremen, the Hamburg historic rival.

Bundesliga, police in the field: Fear in Hamburg CASE – The company that manufactured the advent calendar for the fans dell’Amburgo is the same as that prepared for the supporters of Werder and in some cases the surprises are designed from Bremen so instead of finite dell’Amburgo gadgets. Opening the windows of the calendar thus face questions over his rival clubs like “what was the Northern derby win against Hamburg with the result round?”. Not exactly things that bring good mood the fans.

THEFT – If, however, Athens cries, Sparta certainly not laugh: during the Christmas party Werder thieves have broken the windows of cars and Eggestein Veljkovic stealing valuables from the two cars. Police, clubs and players did not want to let you know the amount of the loot, but it is not contained figures. And for them, a little ‘as with the Hamburg fans, it is a different Christmas, sadder.

To the point that I’m already waiting for the next … Elmar Bergonzini  @ elmarbergo

March 4, 2016 – Milan Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone. Press But, while it is true that most of the male actors avoids the surgeon, to maintain his masculinity, see Benicio del Toro, which is limited to dye their hair, or Michael Keaton, who seems not to worry wrinkles on the face, more exaggerated, with embarrassing results: “Sylvester Stallone all: by dint of bad facelifts, filler injections and silicone and extreme blepharoplasty – explains Castaldo – has totally lost the symmetry of the face.” Gasport © reserved reproduction write the comment 0      

January 23, 2019 – Milan but the discovery, with the hunger of those from a country at 1,200 meters above sea level went to conquer the world, clings to the roots, is a voracious sport and when pulls the rifle is infallible. In the week leading to four days in Antholz, the blue snow breaks the magnetic gaze of Lisa Vittozzi, 23, policeman, new queen of “trail and shoot.” At the Cup weekend that ends today in Ruhpolding he had arrived from second in the standings behind her friend and rival Wierer: are the golden couple of blue. “With Dorothea there is great mutual respect, we have a good relationship.

The rivalry is she to me has always been a reference.” Lisa had already missed the podium at the World Cup in 2017 and Olympics 2018. Ten days ago in Oberhof won the first two victories in the cup: it exploded. “No secret.

I grew up in stages, the sixth place in the standings last year gave me knowledge.” That is all, in a unique sport for the accuracy and the fatigue that demands, together with the ability to turn the switch in a moment from one register to another. “And the pressures and emotions of the race you can not replicate in training,” says Lisa. “I was a child hyperactive. Football is my greatest passion, but I did not like playing with women: I was a tomboy, I played alone with the boys, and when I could no longer do so I stopped, in eighth grade.

I tried swimming , rock climbing, dance. Before the age of 10. I broke the tibia and fibula on the downhill and I did not want them. So when in class everyone was a winter sport, not to be outdone I started with the bottom, I had made 6 -7 years”. Who are you as big as also decides the place where you grow up.  Vittozzi Lisa, 23 years.

Lisa Vittozzi, 23 years. When he found out he had a great aims? “Yes, I was playing as a child with guns with bullets. But I have no one who shoots in the family. When at 13-14 years invited me to try the biathlon, I started as a hobby and I was excited.

I discovered that I liked shooting . I did some garetto with air gun and it went well, so I went over. ” Geography Question: Sapphire went from Veneto and Friuli. Why? “I think for the best economic support opportunities offered by an autonomous region. Sappada is a tourist destination and the Veneto exist only Cortina, while the Friuli is a place of attraction.

So you reboot the touristic activity of hotels.” What does it mean for a girl growing up in a town of 1,300 souls? “There are great entertainment, they are used to. The sport has helped me to open my mind, you know that in mountain villages not very open: we have the premises closed because immediately call the Police. As a kid you organize in the chalets , you party like it is.

Even if we had to give up early, doing sports, but not weighed me. ” What sacrifices had to do for the sport? “So many. You’re never home, you can not go to friends, be with your family and with your boyfriend for a long time: for me are important things. Go and always come, you often can not cultivate friendships. You never have time to others because when you’re home wheels time for yourself “.  Lisa Vittozzi.

Lisa Vittozzi. How do you train? “The winter is the period of competitions and load minus: breakfast, morning training, lunch, then a walk and a jog. Summer is tough: the preparation lasts from May to November races. They alternate two weeks of loading (three in July and August), from 17-25 a week of training hours, a drain, about half of the time, working on roller skis and in the gym. about 700 hours per year. ” The diet?

On skis must be light … “It takes the right balance between body fat and muscle. No strict diets, too much rigidity affects the mental stability. I eat everything, they are also lucky to have a slim constitution and I can eat anything with the guidance of nutritionist just avoid the food that makes me sick.

I could not live without the pasta, I would die. and without the cheese. If I did not eat a normal life six days a week pasta, but I burn so much and I can afford it. ” Free time? “In addition to friends, some ‘shopping. I mostly read the yellow.