Monday, December 13, 2004 Last Saturday was held the “Forum of the success of French from afar” with the aim to promote successes in integration.

Monday, December 13, 2004 Last Saturday was held the "Forum of the statistics homework help free
success of French from afar" with the aim to promote successes in integration. You will find echoes of this event in the Paris (Saturday) and also in the Figaro with the tribune of Blandine Kriegel, organizer of the event. In the World, we can read a very good record on the relay classes and an article dealing with verbal abuse at school. Note also, in the same newspaper, the chronicle of the Ombudsman, entitled "Hands" where he answers questions of students. In fact, Robert Sole should better read the newspaper of which he is the mediator, because it is TPE (Supervised Personal Work) … was yet spoken enough in Le Monde as in other newspapers. You will find in this column articles in the editions of Saturday, December 11. Indeed, there was no date. Please excuse me. Good reading… ——————————————— – 13/12/04 a week of release on tolerance initiated by the prefect of Corsica, the "week of brotherhood" began this morning on the island. His supervisor, Herve Ettori, director of the regional center of educational materials, will participate in the "game between silent majority and active minority." Almost all island schools and Corte University have planned events on the theme of tolerance. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 13/12/04 Blandine Kriegel: "concern of a joint France" on the occasion of the Forum of successful French from afar, held this Saturday at the national Assembly, the philosopher Blandine Kriegel, President of the High Council for integration (HCI), explains why Figaro "our tradition of integration" is not obsolete. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity’s seen nothing … 13/12/04 ———————————— —————- Le Parisien 13/12/04 Integration: Aznavour and Zidane, too, come from far THIRTY-EIGHT FRENCH immigrant origin will be rewarded this post 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., at the Palais Bourbon at the Forum of the success of French from far organized by the High Council for integration (HCI) and the national Assembly. Whatever the area in which it stands (business, social work, literature, media, fashion …), each winner will receive a scytale, stick that allowed to transmit messages in the days of Sparta – in ancient Greek – today symbol of successful integration. While most winners are unknown, also rank among the French that they forgot they "came from afar" director Claude Berri, the philosopher Edgar Morin or the actress Isabelle Adjani. Read more of the article "My success I owe to the education of my parents’ SINCE JUNE 2001, Khalid Rahmani, 37, is responsible for the safety of line A of the RER (regional express network). Whether Muslim no surprise in a secular country like France. Yet the person who carries elegantly his suit and tie, can not help seeing in this function "the best evidence of integration that can show me the RATP." Read more Bulletin article: Three Tips to avoid getting compete Taking the lead. Needless to hide! Do not put your head in the sand show signs of goodwill Read More Article VOICE EXPRESS: How do you react to the newsletter of your child? "Overall, it works pretty well. When this is not the case, I reframes or threat. Sometimes we make the shot, when it’s satisfying to encourage. I explained to my son that he must have the means to make choices for later. It should make you want children to learn, whereas the current system encourages to run after the note. " Read the rest of the article —————————————— —— the Cross of Nothing seen … 13/12/04 ——————————- —————– 20 minutes from 13/12/04 Promotion "integration" in the Assembly What good students make a step forward. Thirty-eight French of immigrant origin were honored Saturday at the National Assembly, at the Forum of the success of French from afar. They were selected according to their exemplary career, the quality of an initiative or a promising work. The awards were given in different areas, including civic, advocacy, research, humanities, media and sport. Read more of the article of PTA teachers zapped manifest a hundred teachers classified Parisian colleges ZEP (priority education zones) have demonstrated Friday in front of the rectory. They are protesting against a revision of the device giving priority mutations. "We chose or agreed to teach in a challenging business, knowing that this assignment gave us extra points for later right to a mutation. Now we’re stuck, "complains a professor of English Michelet College (19th) largest PTA facility in the capital. To get these points, it is necessary, since November 4, teach in a listed building APV (priority assignment to justify a valuation). But among the 32 colleges of PTA Paris, only eleven were included in this new device by the rectory, where discontent forgotten: Michelet therefore, Marx Dormoy and Berlioz (18th), Dolto (20th), Mozart (19th ) etc. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 14/12/04 the mediator: Hands by Robert Sole An email bearing three signatures reached me on December 8th. "We are students at Napoleon High School L’Aigle (Orne), first economic and social class, write Elodie Cavalli, Josee Garcia and Frederic Louis. We allow ourselves to send you this email as part of supervised practical work. For these TPE, we chose as a subject. print and the manner in which the newspapers treat events to answer the questions we ask ourselves and to make a more complete as possible, please kindly take of your time to answer the attached questionnaire … "These students ask me seven questions that interest probably other World readers. Let us try to provide some answers. […] Read more of the article against violence and absenteeism, classes relay betting Five or six students supported for several weeks or months, by a handful of volunteer teachers: the principle of this device launched in 1998 is simple, but expensive. The results seem encouraging: 80% of students returning a classical curriculum. Read more of the article Political continuity, budgetary commitment, volunteer supervision: the keys to success against all received ideas, national education is not far sometimes to achieve the impossible. With classes and workshops relay, the educational world has developed structures to hang out students, who are considered "unmanageable" because disruptive or absentee. […] In an institution where each minister generally seeks to reinventing what his predecessor had set up, the relays classes have a remarkable political continuity: created by Claude Allegre in 1998 from local experiments, they were defended and developed by all Ministers of education since. The latest Francois Fillon has announced that he intended to multiply the number by five in five years as part of its proposed school orientation law. 98 relay devices in 1999, 350 in 2004, is expected to rise to 1300 or 1500, in 2010. […] Quantitatively, the contribution of relay devices may appear reduced: each year, they welcome 5000 students – nearly 15 000 in 2010 – about 3 million young people attending colleges. But these students are generally among the most difficult, those who drop out, or seriously disrupt the course because of their behavior. core of academic failure, they focus the social, academic and behavioral. Read more of the article insults and threats, first poisons for teachers ith a constant editorial success, the literature on school took hold of the issue of disruptive students in colleges and high schools difficult. The stories about the school world published by Mara Goyet (College de France, Gallimard) or Nicolas Revol (Bad Teacher!, Ed.Pocket) have been very successful in bookstores from the description of the relationship between students from neighborhoods and their teachers. Generally very pessimistic, these works reflect a phenomenon felt quite widely in institutions: the importance of verbal violence in the deterioration of relations between students and teachers. The statistics make imperfectly this voltage. Of the 81,000 serious acts of violence recorded during the 2003-2004 school year in secondary schools, physical violence indeed appear to be the most frequent (29.2% of total incidents recorded) to verbal abuse ( 24.7%) and theft (10%). But these physical assaults, the most spectacular, and therefore most reflected in the media, affects overwhelmingly the students themselves, victims of beatings by their comrades. From the perspective of teachers, they are actually the verbal violence that are, by far, the most common: 70% of incidents involve a teacher insults or threats are not always properly treated in institutions. Read more of the article `A plan for equality, by Patrick Weil Should there be in France of affirmative action policies? The issue became legitimate as the discrimination of color against French call into question one of the essential foundations of our republic: equality before the law, without distinction of origin, race or religion. […] In France, the need for equality is even stronger than its principle is at the heart of republican values. It is free of hypocrisy and formalism hides deep injustices concrete. But its legitimacy, however, conceals discrimination against the best resources for action. Now counting by race or ethnicity is contrary to our traditions. If we want to make the sine qua non of the fight against discrimination in the business, so we might return indefinitely any change, then it is urgent to act. Introduce diversity in the schools, that’s good. But if you would just introduce only hint of diversity while continuing to hold a de facto majority of students away from any possibility of accessing it, then we would create discrimination in discrimination. And they give the feeling that it is there for a Parisian elite that guarantee more certainly his family and social reproduction. For the French problem is both broader and narrower: wider, because urban segregation and the difficulty of growing school has to play its role of social promotion reaching beyond immigrants and their children, millions of workers and employees families. The feeling of relegation does not concern the inhabitants of the PTA. It is not only felt in the suburbs, but also in the provinces and overseas territories. This feeling of a cut-growing among the Parisian elite and the rest of the country worsens. It is based on objective realities. We do not know, in the Pyrenees-Orientales, in Savoie, in the Puy-de-Dome or in Calvados, how to go "go to Paris." The schools of today are selection modes such as children of the middle and working classes are excluded, and, in fact, increasingly excluded. […] To ensure that greater equality of opportunity throughout the territory, I suggest we inspired policies practiced in California or Texas. A percentage – eg 5% – the best students of each school in France would have a right of access to preparatory classes for schools and early years establishments that select the entry. This percentage takes into account the criticisms of the experience of Texas, where the percentage of 10% completely fills the first year of state college and leads the ouster of good students to universities in other US states. With 5%, it leaves a margin of recruitment to the directions of institutions. […] Read more of the article ———————— ——————– Posted by Watrelot to Monday, December 13, 2004